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Travel Insurance is highly recommended as it is the ONLY way to protect your vacation investment from unexpected events.

Need some extra room? Within the limits of the maximum occupancy, we can provide an extra air mattress for you. Air Mattresses come with a set of sheets, pillows and pillowcases.
Need any?  Each pack-n-play comes with a clean sheet.
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Rental Terms for Asher House

By submitting this reservation, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

Cancellation Policy: Except as provided below by Insurance or special billing terms, cancellation at any time results in forfeiture of your deposit. Cancellation within 30 days results in the forfeiture of your entire rent. There is no cancellation for any reason including weather or travel delays. HOWEVER: If SkyRun can re-rent your unit, and you cancel within 30 days, your rent will be refunded to the extent that SkyRun is able to rent your property up to the full rent.

Insurance: A travel insurance policy is issued if you, as the guest, opts-in through when booking a reservation with SkyRun. If a guest cancels, delays, postpones arrival or leaves early from a planned reservation for a covered reason, refer to coverage documents, see details at, guests may file a claim to the claims number provided on the covered documents. SkyRun can provide the policy number if it is unable to be located when a guest calls. Guest may call the customer care number on their coverage documents with any questions about the policy and coverage.

Check-in and Check-out times: Normal Check-in time is 4pm; Check-out time is 11am. SkyRun is authorized to charge you $50/hr and to remove your items to our check-in center and charge you for an extra night if you stay past check out time unless arrangements for late checkout are confirmed.

Age and Occupancy Restrictions: You MUST be at least 25 years old to rent a home from SkyRun. MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY at ANY TIME is equal to the number of people that is advertised as being able to sleep in beds in the home. NO people beyond that number are allowed at ANY TIME. NO HOUSE PARTIES ALLOWED. No smoking of ANY kind.

Rules: No Pets, No Smoking of ANY kind. You must follow the rules of the building you are in including noise, parking, and common area use. Failure to comply with any rule listed here means an automatic $300 minimum charge to your credit card for cleaning ($1,000 for a house party, see below). If a fine is issued to the homeowner via the HOA due to non-compliance of the rules, you will be charged for any and all non-compliance fines.

If you break the rules and do not comply after the first request by SkyRun, you will be asked to leave the property, and you will forfeit the remaining balance of your stay.

Parties: NO HOUSE PARTIES ALLOWED. If there is a party in this house (as evidenced by a noise complaint and/or calling of security or by large amounts of trash and destruction) you WILL BE CHARGED for complete clean-up and replacement for damaged items. This will be AT A MINIMUM $1,000. A party completely voids the damage waiver. If you intend to come and party, rent somewhere else. SkyRun is SERIOUS about protecting our homes, so they will be perfect for our owners and responsible guests.

Parking: Parking is limited at your specific property. Each condo/home is guaranteed 1 (one) parking spot at the specific property. Additional vehicles may be parked at the specific property in designated, first-come first-served guest parking spots if available. NOT EVERY PROPERTY HAS DESIGNATED GUEST SPOTS AND YOU ARE ONLY GUARANTEED ONE VEHICLE AT YOUR SPECIFIC PROPERTY. Additional vehicles may need to be parked off property. Please email to inquire about your specific property's parking arrangements. Please keep your vehicle count to a minimum.

Use of Specific Property Booked: You have booked a specific property. However on extremely rare occasions, the specific property you booked may not be available due to circumstances beyond our control such as maintenance problems with the property booked, or a change of ownership or management of the property since you booked. In the event that the property you booked is not available, SkyRun will attempt to place you into a similar or better property at the same price or offer you another property at a lower rate. If the replacement property offered is not acceptable to you for any reason, SkyRun will cancel your reservation and refund your total amount paid. SkyRun does not guarantee that a suitable property will be able to be found. If the property you have rented becomes unoccupiable during your stay (heat or refrigerator breaks, for example), SkyRun will also make our best effort to find you a similar or better place to move to, and, if unable to do so, refund the portion of your rent unused.

Housekeeping: SkyRun units are SELF CATERING at no extra charge. That means that the unit will be clean with fresh linens and towels when you arrive, and it will be cleaned after you leave. During your stay, YOU are responsible for any cleaning, including taking out the trash and washing the linens that SkyRun provides if needed.

Your rental is also ready for your stay with a limited amount of paper towels, toilet paper, dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent, and toiletries. Depending on the length of your stay and the number of people in your party, you may need to provide more.

Damage: Your rental INCLUDES an accidental reported damage waiver fee up to a maximum of $1,500. Therefore, the cost to repair any ACCIDENTAL and REPORTED damage to the rented property including any missing or broken items up to a maximum of $1,500 will be covered at NO CHARGE to you AS LONG AS the damage is reported upon your departure in writing via email or text. Any damage we deem to be purposeful or negligent or damage not reported will charged to your credit card. Please report any damage that you notice when you check-in to avoid getting charged for damage you didn't create. We have staff that inspects each property prior to check-in and upon check-out. Damages to homes are documented with each stay.

Warranties: Equipment - From time to time, equipment in the homes (utilities, TV's, appliances) and in the resort/buildings (pools, hot tubs, etc.) are out of service. In such a case, notify SkyRun immediately and SkyRun will do everything within our power to correct the situation, including making another home available for your use if needed. However, this may not be possible and is not cause for a full or partial refund. Weather - obviously we can't control the weather. SkyRun will not refund you for any weather-related issues including but not limited to poor conditions, excessive rain, or inability to get to the unit due to weather - including hurricanes.

Limitation of Liability: SkyRun assumes no liability for your stay in Galveston or the activities that you take part in while here. The limit of SkyRun's liability is the total amount of compensation we have received for your home rental.
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